A Tale of Two Colas


Cutting out sugar has been a key part of me functioning better in general. I sleep better, my energy is more consistent, and I don’t have random nausea anymore. Cutting out sugar has been harder in certain areas than other. Pop is one of them.

I’m a Pepsi girl. Always have been. Growing up, everyone in my immediate family preferred Pepsi, except my dad. I used to drink so much of it I couldn’t taste it anymore. Since going off sugar a year and a half ago, I was naughty and went through a bit of a diet pepsi binge. I wasn’t supposed to have aspartame, you see, mostly because it’s pretty much edible cancer. BUT I LOVE MY PEPSI. The day before I did this taste-test, I drank the last diet Pepsi in my in-laws’ fridge and, boy, was it good. It didn’t taste watery like I used to think diet Pepsi tasted. It tasted full and juicy.

A few months ago I saw listed on the Krisda sweetner box I buy that they also had pop. I had to try it, but I wasn’t able to find it until this week. Around the same time a friend told me about Zevia. I happened to find it on the same day at Zehrs.

I’m afraid none of these stevia colas taste as luscious as my Pepsi.

For this review, I’m going to do my best to describe the taste and make references to other colas in order to help you figure out what you might like. For some reference (since we tend to compare flavours based on the last similar thing we tried), the last cola I drank was President’s Choice caffeine free diet cola. I had it the day before this test. Earlier that day I had a Caffeine-free diet Pepsi, which tasted like heaven compared to the Krisda I had had the day before. Ok, yes, I drank a lot of pop this week. I’m trying to wean off hence this taste test.

I was really hoping I would love one of these. Verdict? Nope. So without further ado, here it is.


Zevia Carbonated Beverage (stevia/erythritol, 60mg caffeine, 45mg vitamin C)

  • Clear, light taste. Stevia flavour very evident.
  • Could be confused with a root beer taste.
  • After awhile it tastes more and more like fizzy root-beery stevia.
  • Not a big fan.


Krisda Natural Soda (stevia/erythritol, 20% Daily intake of Vitamin A, C , E, and no caffeine)

  • Tastes more like coke than Zevia.
  • Still, very, very light tasting.
  • The stevia/sweetner flavour is less evident than Zevia.
  • As you drink it, it still keeps the faint cola taste.
  • Mostly just tastes like fizzy semi-sweet water.

Who wins?

To be honest, they don’t compare very well with even regular diet colas from both brand names and store labels. The taste is so weak in comparison.( I did try the Zevia gingerale once and found it fairly comparable to other gingerales). The Zevia had a taste that endured better, even if the taste wasn’t much like cola, but Krisda has more vitamins and actually tastes like cola.

If I were looking for a soda that has what a regular pop does (ie: caffeine and fizz), then I’d choose Zevia. But if I’m just looking for cola and fizzy refreshment, Krisda would be the one I’d reach for. However, I really don’t like either and will probably choose can of Starbucks Refresher (sweetened with erythritol) instead.

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