And the winner is…


I realize I don’t (yet) actually have a policy where people who have won before can’t win a second time. Thankfully, I didn’t have to worry about that since someone totally new has won. Judging from her comment, it looks like this book might be helpful:

“I thought finishing college would be the answer to everything, but it’s left me lost, confused and in debt.”

Congratulations, Tanya!

Winners & Feedback

winningThanks to everyone who entered the giveaway and who filled out the feedback form. I was surprised at how many people responded. I’m basically super surprised anyone reads this ever. I thought you might be somewhat interested in hearing why other people read the blog. I did a pretty bad job at asking questions (and double posting them, too) so sorry if you felt like I was asking the same question over and over. I kind of was. I’ve also realized I’m becoming more and more of a nerd. Metrics! Graphs! Data! Stats! Who knew these things could be so helpful?

And now for the part that you’ve been waiting for: the winners. There were considerably less entries this time than last giveaway so your chances of winning were quite high. If your name is below, please email me your address so I can hook you up with your prize.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you want to go check out Zevia for yourself, here’s where you can find it in Canada and the US.

And the winner is….


Thanks to everyone who entered for the chance to win this book. I’m pretty happy to be able to share the wealth with others. I hope that some of you decide to pick up a copy because it’s quite helpful as I’ve spent all week saying.

I calculated all the entries and through picked one. Who won?

Samantha Buxton!

Congrats, Sam! You’ll receive your copy in the coming week.

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