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As an entry to the giveaway this week, I asked the question, “What was your most recent ‘in-between’ moment or most difficult time of waiting?” I’ve been really enjoying the responses. People are being so honest! I really appreciate that. Here’s what some of you are saying:

“Seeing the end of school and not knowing what comes next! But school isn’t quite over yet so I need to somehow stay in the ‘present’ while staying hopeful for the future.”

“The in-between is a place I feel like I’m forever in. I don’t feel at home no matter where I am.”

“I’ve been “in waiting” for a few years and didn’t really even know that this was something other people experienced!”

“I’m currently going through an in between time while waiting to see if and when I’ll be moving and what I will be doing when I get there.”

“Right now I’m at a stage where my one of my kids is out of naps and the other is still an infant, so all of our life is sort of wrapped around that – it makes it hard to get anything done educationally for my oldest, or get any projects or cleaning done around the house other than the bare minimum, or read/listen to (adult) music/catch up with the news… I’m looking forward to when they are both able to play together so they can enjoy each other’s company, and give us all a bit more freedom.”

“My most difficult in-between moment was waiting for my depression to lift.”

“I’m deep in the ‘in-between’! I thought finishing college would be the answer to everything, but it’s left me lost, confused and in debt. ”

“My in-between time lately has been waiting to become licensed for counseling.”

What are you waiting for? You can still enter to win a copy of The In-Between by Jeff Goins. Or if you just want to chime in and leave a comment you can do so as well.

Giveaway: The In-Between

The-In-BetweenLast week I mentioned a few books that helped me process and understand my  quarter life crisis. (For the record, I still feel stupid every time I write that phrase.) Honestly, none of them were Book Saviour of my situation. Nothing I came across carried the epiphany that solved my broody inner conflict.

This book is also not that book. (Sorry.)

But, in a sense, the book is more than that. The whole premise of it is, as its subtitle says, embracing the tension between the now and the next big thing. It talks of the discipline of valuing the awkward in-between. Don’t worry, the book is not as painful as that sentence made it sound. Jeff shares how he has learned to find meaning and value in the times of waiting.

It’s something I’ve tried to get better at.

As I was reading this book, I thought, “this book would be good for people going through a quarter life crisis.” I also started wracking my brain of people who were in an in-between phase so I could recommend it to them.

And then I had a horrifying realization. I have been in the in-between state in certain areas of my life, too. It was better when I didn’t realize I was waiting and hoping for things. Now I feel like I’m in this purgatory and CAN’T GET OUT! Suddenly the book went from being something I wanted to pass on to someone who could benefit from it more, to something I was thinking about regularly, practicing often and ended up reading a second time.

The In-Between is a story of growth and change. The glimpses the author gives us could very well be from your life or mine. He’s adventurous and goal-oriented. But no matter how hard we work to get somewhere there are always times of waiting. How we respond to this waiting, Jeff says (and I totally agree), can say more about us than where we’re going.

Go leave a comment answer the question: What was your most recent ‘in-between’ moment or most difficult time of waiting? Then sign up for your copy of The In-Between by Jeff Goins! 

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