The winner of the Soundless Soliloquy journal is…

I learned a few things from this giveaway. Like, for one, I don’t think the Rafflecopter app worked exactly like it was supposed to.  In previous giveaways that I’ve used Rafflecopter, it would share the link to Facebook by it self. This one, it seems, is just trusting the user to actually do it. And in verifying some of the entries (ie Facebook shares) by going to your Facebook pages. Not everyone did. Ahem.

Also, following by email is a two-step process that I think only two people actually validated the second step. So that’s a helpful lesson.

I decided I’m not a scrooge and so I’m got to let every entry stand.

Sharon is generously giving readers of this blog 10% off from her Etsy shop until December 15 using the code “JessV10”. For those of you who live in Ottawa she’ll be at Urban Craft this Saturday (Dec 1st) in Ottawa at the GCTC from 10am to 2pm. For Montrealers, Sharon will be at Haut + Fort Holiday Design Market the weekends of Dec 6-9 & 13-16. Also, considering that today is the last day of November, might I remind you that if you buy this moustache journal, 10% of the proceeds go to support!

So without further ado, the winner is….


We’ll be getting in touch with you, Sid. Congrats on winning something for the first time!

My first ever giveaway: A Soundless Soliloquy Journal

Sharon, owner of Soundless Soliloquy

Sharon and I have been friends for a few years now. She’s a fellow Montrealer (though I have no idea if I’m allowed to call myself a Montrealer yet), fellow clothes-swapper and paper-goods lover. Just over a year ago she started her hand-bound journal business, Soundless Soliloquy. Sharon has a great story that brought her to start the business that hopefully I’ll get her to share another time. It’s about not being all that happy with her circumstances and taking a risk to change them. Sharon’s journals are gorgeous little creations that, like her motto says, helps me write my soliloquy. She has kindly offered up one of her journals for a give-away. They’re obviously sweatshop free and cruelty free because she makes them by hand and uses acid-free paper so your precious writing will be preserved for a long, long time.

The Rules

  1. All entries go through Rafflecopter that tallies them for me (yay!)
  2. Sharon is giving away your choice of plain colour half-page journal or any quarter-sized journal including cut-out covers.
  3. Here’s the link to her Etsy page to see all of the journals, which will help you for one of your entries.
  4. I apologize for not being able to embed the Rafflecopter widget here (blame for not allowing me to use javascript!).
  5. You have until Thursday at midnight EST to enter. I’ll announce the winners on Friday and get you connected with Sharon for your prize.


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