“Two Frayed Strands” on Medium

mediumHave you guys heard of Medium yet? It’s the brainchild of Ev Williams and if you’ve been following his career, everything he touches turns to gold. Blogger, Twitter, and now this. You can find the link over on my social sidebar, it’s the M.  I’ve decided it’s a good spot to publish some writing that doesn’t fit within the boundaries of this blog. The following is the first paragraph from my first post “Two Frayed Strands.”

I knew something was very wrong the moment I woke up. This morning, I sort of wished I hadn’t woken up. It wasn’t that I wanted to die per se but that the well of my soul was so parched it was as if it had been millenia since water filled its walls. Anxiety filled me where a sense of self should have. I made a mental check-list of what I was supposed to do that day and the rest of the week. It all needed to go, save studying for my University finals. I would skip my classes, cancel meetings. I had nothing to give.

I was too thin of a strand to support any weight. I was too limp, frayed, too wispy and frail to even count as a whole thread, a real human being.

I rolled over and went back to sleep……

Read the rest here.

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