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This blog is about making my life what I want it to be.  I write on a range of topics that usually fall under a few categories: habit development/productivity, progress in achieving my goals (writing, running, etc.), healthy living, life lessons and FAILING every so often. These all contribute to what I believe is a healthy life.

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Personal Bio

I live in Montreal with my husband and have been blogging since 2001, though most of those blogs I had were personal and more private (read: embarrassing) in nature. I’ve decided to go public with my Bucket List and put these goals into the spotlight to help me achieve them. I used to be pretty darn lazy and struggled with self-discipline. I talk about these things because I know other people have questions about them, too. My free ebook gives you the whole backstory.

My husband, Willy, and I are anglophones working in French and figuring out life in a different culture. He likes country music and I like indie. Around the time we started dating, the music gods smiled down on us and made folk-indie music more popular, which now we enjoy together (ie: sing #caraoke loudly in the car together).

I have a rebellious heart that hates to be told what to do. I spend a lot of time wrangling myself into wanting what is right as well as doing what is right.

If you snuck into my house and watched me live (please don’t) you’d see me writing, blogging, or checking out the newest social media website, cooking or baking (probably while singing), scouring Pinterest for new ideas on how to be creative, or watching copious amounts of Netflix. If given a set of options I will always choose the one with bacon or hot pink, but admittedly I’d be uncomfortable with hot pink bacon.

You’ll see me fail a lot on this blog. You’ll also see me succeed. Hopefully, you’ll succeed along with me.

Please note that my writing does not necessarily reflect the perspectives and beliefs of my employer.

Writing, Elsewhere

I also write for a website called myCravings. You can see my articles here. I also write on Medium.