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“Pursue Your Passions: A guide to designing and achieving your Bucket List”  takes what I’ve learned in writing this blog and puts it into 7 steps. PursueYourPassionSM

Here’s what people are saying about it:


“I only recently discovered Jess’s blog, and this eBook gave me the perfect backstory for The Bucket List’s beginning and purpose. It’s not just a “How-To” book; it’s a strong story of personal growth and inspiring changes. I loved walking through Jess’s journey, and her passion and practical steps make it easy for anyone to pursue their own dreams. If you’re looking to live the life you’ve always wanted, this book is a great place to start.”


“Making changes to improve your life is hard work but the way Jess frames change into simple steps makes it easier to get started now. Just because the steps are simple doesn’t mean she’s promising they will be easy, but her guide sets you in the right direction and asks challenging questions that will help you in defining a more purposeful and ambitious direction.”


“Reach Your Goals by Jess Versteeg delivers unexpected value for a short eBook and takes the candid honesty of her Bucket List Journey blog and shrinks it down into a very useful package. As a regular reader of the blog, I enjoyed being able to connect chapters or points made in the book to the originating blog post, where the idea was first fleshed out through Jessica’s own struggles.

“Those looking for motivation to reach their goals might look to some big name in motivational speaking for a push divorced from the average experience, or, they may be better served by Jess’ everyman (and woman!) approach. Without bluster and with feet planted firmly in reality, this book lays out a clear and easily applied path for you and I to follow towards the elusive goal of making our dreams come true.”

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