Recent Reads May 06-11


How to Consistently Write 1000 Words a Day
The Relationship of Reading and Writing
Famous Advice on Writing: The Collected Wisdom of Great Writers
The Science of Storytelling: Why Telling a Story is the Most Powerful Way to Activate our Brains


A System for Getting to Sleep Earlier
The Scientific 7-minute Workout
Living Simply Manifesto:  72 Ideas to Simplify Your Life


The Tyranny of Choice: You Choose on The Economist
11 Ways to be Unremarkably Average
I’m Still Here: Back Online A Year After Leaving The Internet

Recent Reads From April

recent-reads-wideIt’s been awhile since I’ve posted articles I’ve enjoyed or found helpful, but I havent’ forgotten about the idea. I have zero clue whether anyone finds these helpful or enjoyable. Let me know what you think.


27 Ways to Run Better Every Day by RunnersWorld


4 Tips from the Most Productive Lifters
5 Simple Rituals To Help You Stay At Your Potential by FastCompany
38 Books that Every Blogger Needs to Read by CopyBlogger
Read This If You’re Trying To Build A New Habit by Weighty Matters

Health and Wellbeing

Dressing simply. I appreciate her perspective on not having to have a bazillion pairs of jeans etc.
Relationships are More Important Than Ambition at The Atlantic


How to Live Without Irony

This week’s article round-up.

Feb03So I’ve been reading about running again. It didn’t occur to me how weird that was until I was making this list. I’m not currently running so maybe I’m just living in LaLaLand pretending that it will soon be warm enough to run again. Or maybe I’m just trying to get knowledge for when it is warm. In any case, it’s not entirely useful info at the moment, but that’s OK.


Getting Better At Life:


This week’s must reads (Nov 26 – Dec 1)

Decision FatigueMustRead-nov26dec1

Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue? by By JOHN TIERNEY, New York Times

Mind over Mind? Decision Fatigue Saps Willpower — if We Let It by Maia Szalavitz, TIME

Yes, No, Maybe So: Defeating Decision Fatigue – Forbes

10 Ways to Limit Decision Fatigue


Does Social Media Mean Better Running? RunnersWorld


Ryan Carson’s bucket list

Giant Anaconda regurgitates a whole cow. Probably the most disgusting yet mesmerizing thing you’ll ever see. Advent reading plans

Two weeks of must-clicks

I haven’t been reading many articles thanks to having a novel to write. I missed out on last week’s because of a busy weekend writing and hanging out with friends. So here’s two weeks-worth of pretty interesting articles and links. The next week is going to be filled with frantic writing to make sure I hit my 50,000 word goal with Nanowrimo. Also, starting tomorrow I have a fun surprise! Come back tomorrow to see what’s happening!


The Problem With Memoirs -NYT


Boost Your Endurance in 7 Steps –

Eye on the Prize: Mental strategies to overcome common race foes. – RunnersWorld


How Tim Ferriss Used Evernote to Write His New Book, The 4-Hour Chef

Kill the Password: Why a String of Characters Can’t Protect Us Anymore – Wired

This weeks Must Reads (Nov 5-11)

This week’s list is pretty small since I haven’t been reading the internet much due to Nanowrimo.

Yale scientists explain how ketamine vanquishes depression within hours.

Take Ownership of Your Life in 4 Steps.

How Training For A Marathon Can Improve Anyone’s Team Spirit

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