What I’ve learned about myself after 22 weeks of BBG exercise

If you’ve been paying attention to any of my social media in the last 5 months, you’ll know that I have been regularly exercising using the BBG program (not the Shakeology thing). You’ll also probably know that I love it. I can go on and on about how great it is, but let me just say these three things about it:

  1. you can do it at home (or in the gym) in 30 minutes
  2.  you can go at your own pace
  3. it’s super affordable if you buy the PDFs bc you can just do the 12 weeks over and over again and make a few modifications as your strength increases (increase weights, add ankle weights etc) 
  4. You learn a lot about body weight exercising and resistance training by doing it and can know zilch before you start. 

What have I learned

I feel like I’m a new person. In some ways, I am! In other ways (fast food!) I am not. My body is changing shape, I am forced to fuel my body differently to accommodate the increase in exercise, and my happiness level has increased. 

Who am I? I used to be athletic before I hit puberty. I enjoyed running, gymnastics, skiing etc, but when I hit puberty cardio just sucked. It was basically overnight. I couldn’t run anymore. This convinced me that I just wasn’t the “athletic type.” I was the girl who hated gym class, especially in high school. That was less about the athletics, and more about resenting the competitive girls who were mean and just wanted to win. I still hate overcompetitiveness. 

So it was easy to form the lazy-girl-fast-food-loving identity. If you’ve been following my journey on my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been trying to change that, knowing that it’s critical for my health to get out of that comfort zone. I’m so grateful BBG fell into my lap because it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for (read the 4 points above). While my lazy identity hasn’t changed entirely, I can feel things shifting in me. 

. I enjoy how I feel doing BBG. I enjoy the REGULAR sense of accomplishment and pride in my personal achievements. Not everyone is motivated the same way I am, but for me I LOVE getting to see results and progress. This is especially true when I’m on maternity leave and everything I do is slow and or endless (raising kids, dishes, etc). 

. I don’t know how I even did motherhood before working out. The other day I carried 2 giant Costco bags from my van from our street parking spot and I didn’t die. I then carried Teddy who is already 20lbs, and it was all no big deal. I can lug both boys on both hips UP👏🏻 THE👏🏻 STAIRS👏🏻 and it’s ok. It’s amazing! 

Inner strength
. I think my character feels as developed as my (hiding) abs. It’s not always easy to fit in a workout with the needs of kids and family life. I’ve managed to not procrastinate away and unnecessarily skip workouts. This is incredible! I do actually have major muscles forming. I can see the difference in my personal progress photos. But I’m actually more proud of who I am becoming and what I’m achieving than what my body looks like. 


I’m going to be starting BBG 1.0 over again in a few weeks and you should join me. Let’s get strong, together!

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