Rethinking my morning routine

Photo by jencv

Photo by jencv

I guess its been a few years (!) now since I first wrote about morning routines. Since then I’ve had varying success and most recently since my son was born, continued varied success.

I’m sure you can relate. If you couldn’t you likely wouldn’t be following this blog.

You have a good routine or daily organization system going and then something happens and it messes it up. You fumble around for a little (or months?) until you remember it doesn’t have to be this way!

And so you reboot your system and try again.

This happens to me all the time and is the reason I tell people not to give up on a system until they’ve failed in this cycle a few times. If it worked for awhile then there’s hope. If it never ever worked then you should probably keep looking.


Since Jack was born I’ve had a few different routines that have helped me stay sane. For awhile I did at least 2 loads of laundry a day: one in the morning of Jack’s barfy clothes and one in the evening of his cloth diapers. Now I have more clothes and more diapers so I do laundry every other day.

Other mornings I had a routine of waking up, starting coffee, drinking a glass of water, feeding Jack, then shower and get my day in order during his first nap.

Then that got messed up.

So here I am working on a new routine to help me have a decent day despite the unpredictability an infant can bring. There are other routines that I would like to establish so that I don’t have to decide what I want to do or feel like doing. Because I will never feel like cleaning. Ever.

I went back and read those blog posts again and actually found them helpful!

Things that are helpful in a routine

These days I need habits that will help our life work more smoothly. This means that things like laundry, dishes, quiet times and meals get done naturally rather than haphazardly. I think something I need to institute is a consistent wake-up time. I usually wake up when Jack wakes up, which was 6:30 for a long time, then 7:00 for a long time, now it’s 7:30. I think I actually had better days when he was waking up earlier, even though I always needed a nap.

The other thing that has helped me operate well is dealing with clutter quickly, whether it’s unloading the dishwasher right away so it can be loaded as dishes are dirtied, or fold and put away laundry right away. (Sidenote: I have never folded laundry or put it away until Jack was born so let’s just all do a slow clap for me right now because I’m finally a grown up. It only took me becoming a parent).

So we’ll see how this goes! If anyone has any tips on what worked for them (or their mom) please leave me a comment!

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  • Rebecca

    I can definitely see the value in routines, but unfortunately with working at 6am one day and until 11:30pm the next, I have rarely been able to keep to a routine. I have been trying to get to bed as soon as I finish an evening shift, but now switching to more morning shifts demands another readjustment.

    I liked reading your post and considering what things that I can do, to help with the fluctuating days.

  • Sarah B

    You’ve got me thinking about my routine. Or lack of. We are usually all up between 6 and 6:45 AM and the first hour and a half is a struggle to get the toddler breakfast, the baby nursed, me a coffee and maybe breakfast, diapers changed and if I am lucky, my teeth brushed. Then I usually start 10 things all at once: email, laundry, dishes, cleaning, reading stories and playing with the toddler, nursing, figuring out supper, getting dressed etc…I don’t know if this is the most effiicient way to do it, but once I have started a task I have to finish it before the day ends so it’s kind of my way of motivating myself. You’ve got me thinking about having a more intentional routine though!

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