Motivation: found

Just as quickly as my motivation left, it returned. One piece of information changed my attitude completely. It’s a bit bizarre, actually. I’m not sure why my attitude was dependent on these details. I went from not having zero desire to pursue any of my goals, to realizing I was being an idiot. What changed?

Fall came.

Yes, it’s that time again. When exercise is no longer a luxury or a middle-class hobby, it’s an act of desperation in order to keep on top of my mental health. When my morning routine is a way I keep on top of all of these things because they’re all crucial to me keeping my life in order. I don’t think it’s any coincidence I first posted about morning routines exactly a year ago. Fall, for me, is very pretty torture.

But you know what? I don’t really want to run anymore. I’m working on that one. I used to really enjoy it! And now all these people who started running after me are totally overtaking me in distance covered etc. They’re all running 5, 10ks. People posting their half-marathon times on Facebook and I’m experiencing¬†deep regret over my public declarations.

But that’s kind of the whole point of the public declaration: so I will be shamed/encouraged into continuing.

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  • Beth

    I’m curious – have you considered a team sport/evening exercise alternative? What makes you commit to (morning) running despite your current disinterest in it?

    • Jess Versteeg

      I have very little motivation to do anything in the evening and I’m not big on team sports! Anything that happens at night I can convince myself to get out of. It’s pathetic!

  • Morgan T.

    If you wanted to run with me I would love to (it would also be nice to meet you in person, ha ha) but seriously. I am starting my training over and doing medium paced 30-40 minute runs 3 times a week. We could explore the mountain!