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Photo by Kevin Lallier

Confession: I hate running in the country. So I stopped. For the record, I don’t feel that great about it. I’ve gained ~10-15 lbs over the summer!

Cause that doesn’t make me feel worse about my current situation.

I did some soul-searching the other day to re-evaluate what I even want out of running. A little along the lines of this post. When I started running, i was a bit delusional perhaps. I believed that I could defeat the odds and run a lot and not get injured. When I hit week 8 or 9 of C25K I started getting a lot of pain in my feet.

So the question I asked myself was: do I want to run even if it means having to get orthotics? Or do I only want to run if it lives up to my goal of being pain/injury free? It sounds pretty stupid now that I’ve typed it out: what good thing is ever pain-free in life?

I found out my sister-in-law has out distanced me already. She’s running 7k (as of a few weeks ago) regularly. I still haven’t hit 5, people!

Moving forward on this one is tricky. It requires a huge amount of dynamic determination to do if we stay in the country here. If we were in Montreal tomorrow starting to run again would be a breeze.

I’m not sure I have the chutzpah to get my sorry butt off the couch and take  my Big Girl Thighs for a run. The corn fields go by as slowly as life moves in the direction we want it to.

The sentiment of this photo is a good reminder. Funny, because this time I read it the attitude was a lot more cynical and the emphasis was on TRYING and not on ENJOY.

OK my pity party is over now.

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  • Katy Parks

    Jess, I appreciate your honesty. It is definitely tough to keep up certain habits like this! I always tend to start out well and then fizz out over time. But first, I am super proud of you for starting this in the first place. Second, you are absolutely beautiful, so no more “Big Girl” comments! 😉 And third, however you decide to move forward on this, we’re all behind you. Thanks for being such a great example!

    • Jess Versteeg

      Katy, I totally meant to delete that comment originally. And then I forgot that I had scheduled the post and it went up. I edited it out now, but most people have already read it!

      • Katy Parks

        Aw that’s ok! I just wanted you to know that you’re only big on AWESOMENESS and BEAUTY. 🙂

  • David

    I’ve also found that being in a new place is hard to continue old forced habits…ie. I haven’t run since the early Spring. If it’s the exercise you want, why not try something else, like cycling, which is way less wear on your joints. I’ve found cycling in the country is great because you cover more distance, so it doesn’t feel as ‘slow’ as running. A mon avis, biking far and fast on a straight country road vs running not very far on a straight country road is much more appealing. I love it!

    • Jess Versteeg

      Good point, Dave!! I think I will try this out!