To the things that scare us into inaction

keep calm

“Do not fear what is frightening.”

I’ve been thinking about this statement a lot this past week. It comes from a passage in the Bible the encourages women to trust God. What I deeply appreciate about this sentence is that it doesn’t say “don’t fear because it’s not all that bad” or “you’ll be fine so stop being afraid.” It acknowledges that sometimes things are legitimately frightening and that a decently normal response would be to be afraid.

Sometimes good things are frightening. Things like:

  • giving your spouse the blessing to make a financially risky business decision, one that you know also know will breathe life into their weary soul.
  • going back to school for something you love at the cost of a big fat student loan you’re not sure you’ll actually succeed at it.
  • getting married or having kids.
  • signing your fat self up for your first marathon and going public with the news.

In most cases, the reason to fear real and palatable but somehow we need to move past the actual fearing and lean into the fact that maybe we’re meant to move forward on This Scary Thing if we’ve come this far and we should just trust God who knows all and is perfect.

So I made this print as a reminder to myself to not let fear rule my heart.

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