Your turn: What do you count as a goal completed?


I barely made it out for a run today. If it weren’t for the Get The File Out principle, there’s no way I would have gone. “I’ll just put my running clothes on” was how it started and it ended when I wanted to barf cause I was running too much!

As I was running and struggling to keep going (it was a hard run!) I wondered something about goal completion. I wanted to ask you because I’m pretty confident what my response is.

When you have a goal in mind, is it enough to complete the goal (say a 1/2 marathon, no matter what your time is) or do you need to complete the goal on your terms (it doesn’t matter if I completed my first 1/2 marathon unless I get in at the average time or better than average time)?

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  • Samantha Buxton

    I used to need to have the goal completed EXACTLY how I had expected/imagined, 100% perfect, otherwise I’d felt like I’d cheated and was just taking short cuts. But, after many hard, repeated, stressful failures, I learned to have a bit more grace towards myself. Now I’m more often than not considering it a win when I just complete my goal. Sometimes that means super small baby steps, and it taking way too long (e.g. reading a book I wanted to finish over the month instead of in a week). Sometimes it means not doing as good a job (e.g. working out medium hard instead of hard). I’m learning to be nicer to myself because no one expects perfection (or they shouldn’t, *note to self). I am also more cautious in making goals – I would often make too many, with ridiculous expectations.

    There are some cases, though, where I don’t want to be as lenient – things where it really does me good to be disciplined and just do it how I had first idealistically imagined. Sometimes I need to just work hard and practice self-control, discipline, and prioritizing. But I’m learning to be more cautious about which goals get this sort of strict legalism because honestly, no one is perfect and that’s OKAY! 🙂