“Keep Your Goals To Yourself”

“What are your goals for your summer?” a group of us were asked with regards to this summer. A coworker replied, “I’m not telling,” and shared this video. I wanted to share it with you for the sake of discussion.

While I see where he’s coming from (research and science do have sway, that’s for sure), I’m naive enough to believe that I’ve averted this problem by sharing extensively about the journey of getting to my goals. I can see how this is probably true for a lot of people, though.

What did you think? I’d love to hear if you agree, mostly agree, disagree and why. Share in the comments.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/annemarie.montgomery Anne-Marie Montgomery

    Interesting… he says the problem is not telling people your goal, but the satisfaction you derive from their positive feedback… so the solution is telling the goal to people who will not applaud you for telling it to them 🙂

    • http://jessversteeg.ca/ Jess Versteeg

      Or tell the people who won’t believe you’ll do it to give you motivation to prove them wrong!

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