It’s food, not candy: FREE CHOCOLATE!

Giddy-Yo-Yo-2So there I was at EXPO Manger Santé in Montreal a month or so ago and I find myself at this booth that’s giving out free chocolate. So obviously I’m right up in that getting a free tester of all of these different kinds of chocolate. Dark chocolate, spicy cinnamon, sprulina, coffee etc. It was amazing. As I talked to the guy (I later learned his name is Jake) wearing this white shirt that HEAT across his chest, he told me about their chocolate. He dared me to try a 100% cacao nib and promised it would be gross.

I’ve eaten unsweetened Baker’s chocolate before. It was revolting. A few months prior I had tried a 90% chocolate bar by Lindt and also found it inedible. My problem is: refined sugar messes with my system. I get dizzy and light headed if I eat it frequently. So I don’t. But how do I live without chocolate? I keep to small doses of As Dark As Possible Chocolate.

I took Jake’s word for it and Willy and I tried the cacao nib. It wasn’t revolting. The 70% chocolate was smooth, like a mousse. It was strong and dark. It was totally different.

I noticed it was sweetened with their own Cane Sugar and so I asked about the glycemic index, which is usually what matters the most to me (I need things with a lower glycemic index than even honey, more on par with agave or even lower). He said they were getting this tested now to be sure but believe the GI is on par with a handful of blueberries. SOLD.

I used to prefer Camino chocolate (which I now find has a bizarre sweet taste, even the dark stuff – but like because its Fair Trade) or Lindt. I had a Lindt square the other day and it was waxy in my mouth. I (snobbishly) gave my second square back because it felt awful in my mouth. I was shocked.giddy-yoyo-md

So there you have it. LOVE this stuff. Their motto: “It’s food, not candy.” It’s raw, gluten free, dairy free/vegan, organic, “better than fair trade”, low glycemic impact etc. I have no sweet clue why they named their chocolate “Giddy YoYo” — clearly they’ve never heard of Yo Gabba Gabba or they would have chosen otherwise.

They have kindly given me 6 different flavours of chocolate that usually retail at $5 a pop (pricey, but worth it on so many levels) and a T-shirt. One winner will get the T-shirt and 3 chocolate bars. Another winner will get 3 chocolate bars. As the week (and the giveaway) goes on, I’ll post more info regarding their fair trade certification and other helpful tidbits.


The flavours are (not all pictured) Ginger, Orange, Mint, Original, Mocha,  Spicy, Banana,  Spirulina (1G per bar!), Vanilla Pink Salt 85%, 89% Dark, Maca, and Sweet.

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  • Beth

    I want all the chocolates.

    What is sprulina??

    • Jess Versteeg

      Spirulina is “the amazing super food you’ve never heard of.” I think it’s derived from algae. It’s a super healthy green. Heather used to have a shake with spirulina greens in it every morning. It was gross looking but it’s really good for you.

      • Beth

        Gross. Can you taste it? I hate the taste of seaweed (and sorry for the multi-comments…)

        • Jess Versteeg

          I haven’t actually tried that one. Erika has, though.

  • Beth

    I want ALL THE CHOCOLATES (especially Vanilla Pink Salt. YUMMMM.)

    What is spurlina??

    • Beth


  • Chevon

    Orange chocolate and mint chocolate. Sign me up.

  • Margie Rennie


  • Tena Vanderheyden

    The Vanilla pink salt bar sounds amazing! I love salt and sweet anything, so this would make me very happy!

  • Karina

    Wow Vanilla Pink Salt sounds really neat! Is that like sea salt?
    Orange is another definite win.

  • Samantha Buxton

    VANILLA PINK SALT and SPICY, for sureeeeeeeeee

  • Emily Ferrier

    I’m torn between mocha and vanilla pink salt – definitely have to find these and give them a try!

  • Sid S.

    I want this!!! I’m slightly intrigued because I usually hate dark chocolate. But this blog post has gotten my curiousity piqued

  • Sid S.

    Oh… and I would like mint pls!

  • Becky

    MInt. Possibly Vanilla!

  • Krystal Plaxton

    I’m curious about the spirulina. Jess, is this chocolate sold in stores? In stores in Kingston?

    • Jess Versteeg

      Their website says you can get it at Tara Natural Foods.

  • Sharon Iplunshu

    I’ve been sort of obsessed with Theobroma’s Banana Chunk Chocolate Bar, so I’d be really interested to see how this banana chocolate stacks up.

  • Lauren Macher

    I want to try the original but I wonder what the pink vanilla salt is like too. Dark and mint sound yummy too.

  • selina

    CHOCOLATE!!! I don’t really like dark chocolate but I’m a little curious…but Banana sounds so yummy and different!

  • Sven DIEBOLD

    Sounds yummmmmmmmmmy! Ou plutôt, ça à l’air bon pour donner une touche de français à ton blog =D

  • Tim Chan

    I’d want to try to Original one, or maybe the Sweet one.

  • Steph W

    I just like how you said he had HEAT written across his chest.

  • Jenn

    I love mint and chocolate but am very curious about the Vanilla Pink Salt one!

  • Krystal Rosien

    I think I would enjoy them all! Lol but most of all the Pink Vanilla Salt or Orange!

  • psychsarah

    Mint or Salt and Vanilla are intriguing 🙂

  • Di Vatinel

    original or mocha or vanilla!!! all sound tops!

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