A few random things

  1. 1. I didn’t announce the winners on Friday because I had some blog maintenance issues. The winners (Sarah & Audrey) have already received their copy of the books.
  2. The blog maintenance issues were related to me migrating over to a self-hosted WordPress website, which I am very excited about because now I have complete control over what goes down here – no more paying WordPress for them to put ads on my site (I know, right?).
  3. You wont be able to follow my website within WordPress.com anymore (I don’t think?). The other option is through RSS or subscribe to receive my posts by email. You *may* need to update your RSS stuff? I have no sweet clue how this stuff works. I know just enough to make things (sort of) work.
  4. Happy Easter! I’m seriously loving my 4-day weekend. Went for a run this morning, then ate a our first Easter meal at our own place, not visiting any parents this year. It was nice.
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  • http://www.timandolive.com/ Tim Chan

    Congrats on the switch over! Which hosting service are you using? And great that you’ve switched your comments over to Disqus too

    • http://jessversteeg.ca/ Jess Versteeg

      Yeah, I had disqus when I was on blogger & tumblr before, but wordpress.com wont let you do basically anything. I’m hosting on bluehost (thanks to Hyatt’s reco).