My First Guest Post Series

Guest Post SERIES1One of the main reasons I started this blog was to show how if this lazy girl can get things done and accomplish her goals, than anyone can. Already I’m a bit surprised by some of the feedback I’m getting where people sound like they’re elevating me for some of the things I’ve been able to accomplish like writing a novel in a month or starting to get up at 6:45 every morning (which I have gotten back in the habit of since this post!). This is totally crazy. If I can do these things, so can you.

Which is why I want to do a series of guest posts featuring how YOU and other regular people (ie: not Leo Babauta) have gone about accomplishing difficult or seemingly wild things may it be running your first 5 or 10K, doing a photography/poetry exhibit for your 26th birthday (ahem, youknowwhoyouare), taking a trip somewhere that cost you something other than just money, starting your own business, getting out of debt. I’m basically just making things up here (except that one) to give you ideas.

What is an example in your life that required determination and hard work to accomplish? (or)
What is something that you are so glad you took risks to do?
What did you learn from it?
How are you a better person now?

How to submit a guest post

Send me an email with the subject “Guest Post” (email link is on the side). Answer these questions, attach or link to a picture you’d like me to post with your article. Share your blog address/twitter handle or whatever way you are OK with people contacting you. I reserve the right to edit the post, but I will run that by you first if necessary. Please keep it to around 500 words. I can’t guarantee every submission will be published.

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