2012 Wins


A mentor of sorts once told me I don’t celebrate my successes enough. Here are 7 things I’m celebrating from last year:

  1. Quitting

    Killing my other blog. That was scary.

  2. Risking

    Starting this one instead. Also scary. Both were very rewarding.

  3. Waiting

    There were a few things in my life that required me to wait for and be patient with someone else for a much longer period than I felt comfortable with. It was a good thing.

  4. Loving

    Last year had some big wins and big challenges. All of which were very much intertwined in my marriage. We love each other more than we did the year previous. It was a very good first year of marriage.

  5. Trusting

    Connected with the big challenges of last year, there was a very important couple that we could confide in and trust us to love and accept us when we were well put together and when we weren’t.

  6. Persevering

    Remember when I didn’t run and then I did? Remember when I was getting up at 6:45AM and was having great days? Yeah, that was pretty awesome. I’m still celebrating that huge win.

  7. Advancing

    I’m celebrating 2013 and naming it as 12 more months of the great successes I had in my personal life since launching this blog.

What are you celebrating from last year? Comment here or post a response on your own blog and then post the link in the comments.

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  • http://montrealnest.blogspot.ca emorrice

    Go, Jess! Just curious, what made deleting/starting a blog scary?

    • http://jessversteeg.ca Jess Versteeg

      Stopping was scary because it was quitting/”giving up”/admitting that it sucked. Starting a different one was scary because I hate failing! I didn’t know if the new one would be the success I hoped it would be.

  • http://smitscentral.wordpress.com lonismits

    Great way to sum up a year! You have me thinking about how to “celebrate” my own successes, rather than dwelling on the negative. Thanks, for posting!