Journaling inspiration + giveaway

Today is Day 2 of the Soundless Soliloquy journal giveaway! Click here for details if you haven’t already put in your entries!

This is the last week of Nanowrimo. I’ve crossed the 45,000 word mark so I’m in the home stretch. I’m just focusing on seeing a few friends and finishing up writing. These last 5000 words are the hardest as I’m closing story loops and trying to make sure I’m not giving away all the mysterious details thus making it too obvious for the reader! And by “the reader” I mean “no one” since no one save maybe my husband if he’s desperate for reading material will be reading it because it’s really nothing special.

If you have that writerly bend, have a thing for paper goods, but wouldn’t know what to use your free journal for, check out this tumblr for some inspiration.

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  • Beth (@bethaf)

    a. Mega impressed on your NaNoWriMo!! I’m not going to hit the 50,000 word mark, but I’m pretty proud of myself nonetheless – I’m committed to finishing the project I’ve started, have written more than I have in YEARS and discovered Scrivener (thanks to you) which just may change my writing life. 🙂

    b. Your bro’s tumblr is a great thing! It looks like people (I) could submit images – is this true!? (my one beef with tumblrs is often that there’s no clear/simple explanation of any collaborative aspect/parameters)

    c. You’re fantastic.

    • Jess Versteeg

      1. Yay!That’s so great to hear. I’m proud of you for committing to finishing it. That’s the hardest part, I think – just the perseverance to get through.

      2. It’s true, most of that content is user submitted. I can tell when it’s Nick’s bc I know his writing, so yeah – most is by other people who love FieldNotes like him. (Which is cute).

      3. YOU TOO!