Nanowrimo on the go (using Evernote)

You know the moment, you’ve got this image in your mind of how the scene should play out. You can feel the emotions, you’ve got the best lines… but you’re on the metro and you’ve got to get it down.

Evernote has saved many of these scenes for me. I recently tried out Byword which is also a great app because it syncs through Dropbox.

I wanted to point you to a post from the Evernote Life Blog about how an employee/novelist keeps track of his writing using Evernote. He says he uses Evernote to:

  • for remembering ideas.
  • for planning.
  • while I’m writing.
  • when I’m done writing.
  •  to improve my writing skills.

Read on for more tips!

What about you, writers? What do you use?

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