The winner of the Soundless Soliloquy journal is…

I learned a few things from this giveaway. Like, for one, I don’t think the Rafflecopter app worked exactly like it was supposed to.  In previous giveaways that I’ve used Rafflecopter, it would share the link to Facebook by it self. This one, it seems, is just trusting the user to actually do it. And in verifying some of the entries (ie Facebook shares) by going to your Facebook pages. Not everyone did. Ahem.

Also, following by email is a two-step process that I think only two people actually validated the second step. So that’s a helpful lesson.

I decided I’m not a scrooge and so I’m got to let every entry stand.

Sharon is generously giving readers of this blog 10% off from her Etsy shop until December 15 using the code “JessV10”. For those of you who live in Ottawa she’ll be at Urban Craft this Saturday (Dec 1st) in Ottawa at the GCTC from 10am to 2pm. For Montrealers, Sharon will be at Haut + Fort Holiday Design Market the weekends of Dec 6-9 & 13-16. Also, considering that today is the last day of November, might I remind you that if you buy this moustache journal, 10% of the proceeds go to support!

So without further ado, the winner is….


We’ll be getting in touch with you, Sid. Congrats on winning something for the first time!

The last day of the Soundless Soliloquy giveaway.

Today is the FINAL DAY of the Soundless Soliloquy journal giveaway! Click here for details if you haven’t already put in your entries! You have until midnight tonight EST to enter.

First of all, I’m done my novel TWO DAYS EARLY. I have no idea how that happened. Anyways, I’ll post on that later. You’ve been hearing me talk all week about writing things down. Blah, blah, Jess, I get it. Here’s one last thing while I’m busy finishing this novel and trying to have a life. This article is from The Positivity Blog that I found while Googling about writing. You can go ahead and read the whole thing here.

7 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Write Things Down

  1. If your memory is anything like mine it’s like a leaking bucket.
  2. Ideas don’t stay for long.
  3. Written goals are very important.
  4. To remind yourself of what to focus on.
  5. Unloading your mental RAM.
  6. Clearer thinking.
  7. Get to know yourself and your life better and improve long-term focus on what’s important.

Have anything else to add? What works for you? Leave your thoughts by clicking here.

More reasons you should write things down

Today is Day 3 of the Soundless Soliloquy journal giveaway! Click here for details if you haven’t already put in your entries!

As I was writing out the title I realized, this is odd, Jess. You’re a self-described technophile, yet you keep pushing writing with an actual pen and paper. What gives? This is true, but one thing I’ve been forced to accept about myself is there is something different about writing down on paper. Somehow my brain thinks it’s more legit. Part of me resents that because I want to live my life completely in technology (why I don’t know), but it’s just the way I am and so I’ve come to accept it. I write things down and then digitize them by taking pictures and sending them to Evernote. Somethings, though, just stay on paper. has these great reasons why you should actually write things down. In the spirit of the journal giveaway week, I wanted to share them with you. See the whole article here.

Writing down your ideas makes them nearly impossible to forget.

Sure, you could rip out the page you write your idea on, or you could lose your idea notebook, but writing down your idea is a pretty certain guarantee that you won’t forget it later. Even if the idea seems pointless or stupid at the time you think it up, you may want to recall it later, and if you don’t write it down somewhere… you probably won’t ever remember.

Writing down your ideas makes them more than just ideas.

An idea is just a mental thought, until it is written (or typed) down. Writing down your ideas takes them from being just a thought, into being a real, feasible idea. In this way the creative ideas you have also become expandable; you will be able to physically see the idea, rather than just imagining it in your mind (seeing is believing). Being able to see your idea is the very first step in acting on that idea.

Writing down your ideas puts them all in one place.

If you find yourself bombarded with a lot of creative ideas often (or if you’re a creative professional), writing your ideas down in an “idea notebook” makes it easy to keep track of your ideas. An idea notebook means you always know where to look when you want to recall an idea (or when you need some creative inspiration). Don’t want to buy a notebook? Then try to collect all of your ideas on your computer or in a pile of scrap paper. Anything to put your ideas all into one, easy to find place.

Writing down your ideas makes it easier to think up new ones.

Once you are in the habit of writing your ideas down, you’ll quickly develop a knack for thinking up, and tracking, ideas. Before you know it you will have notebooks full of great ideas. The more you write the more you will have to write about.

Try and discover ways in your everyday activity to keep track of your ideas until you can get them together in one place and in one format.

I really buy into #1. There’s something about closing loops in my brain that just works when I write ideas down. But then I have to go back and review them in order to put them into action.

How about you? Do you need to write things down like to-do lists etc? What things have you kept on paper and what things have you moved digital? You can comment by clicking here.

Journaling inspiration + giveaway

Today is Day 2 of the Soundless Soliloquy journal giveaway! Click here for details if you haven’t already put in your entries!

This is the last week of Nanowrimo. I’ve crossed the 45,000 word mark so I’m in the home stretch. I’m just focusing on seeing a few friends and finishing up writing. These last 5000 words are the hardest as I’m closing story loops and trying to make sure I’m not giving away all the mysterious details thus making it too obvious for the reader! And by “the reader” I mean “no one” since no one save maybe my husband if he’s desperate for reading material will be reading it because it’s really nothing special.

If you have that writerly bend, have a thing for paper goods, but wouldn’t know what to use your free journal for, check out this tumblr for some inspiration.

My first ever giveaway: A Soundless Soliloquy Journal

Sharon, owner of Soundless Soliloquy

Sharon and I have been friends for a few years now. She’s a fellow Montrealer (though I have no idea if I’m allowed to call myself a Montrealer yet), fellow clothes-swapper and paper-goods lover. Just over a year ago she started her hand-bound journal business, Soundless Soliloquy. Sharon has a great story that brought her to start the business that hopefully I’ll get her to share another time. It’s about not being all that happy with her circumstances and taking a risk to change them. Sharon’s journals are gorgeous little creations that, like her motto says, helps me write my soliloquy. She has kindly offered up one of her journals for a give-away. They’re obviously sweatshop free and cruelty free because she makes them by hand and uses acid-free paper so your precious writing will be preserved for a long, long time.

The Rules

  1. All entries go through Rafflecopter that tallies them for me (yay!)
  2. Sharon is giving away your choice of plain colour half-page journal or any quarter-sized journal including cut-out covers.
  3. Here’s the link to her Etsy page to see all of the journals, which will help you for one of your entries.
  4. I apologize for not being able to embed the Rafflecopter widget here (blame for not allowing me to use javascript!).
  5. You have until Thursday at midnight EST to enter. I’ll announce the winners on Friday and get you connected with Sharon for your prize.


Two weeks of must-clicks

I haven’t been reading many articles thanks to having a novel to write. I missed out on last week’s because of a busy weekend writing and hanging out with friends. So here’s two weeks-worth of pretty interesting articles and links. The next week is going to be filled with frantic writing to make sure I hit my 50,000 word goal with Nanowrimo. Also, starting tomorrow I have a fun surprise! Come back tomorrow to see what’s happening!


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