The second time I ran (barefoot)

The other day I had “Run” down on my Daily Portfolio as my daily exercise. After work, supper with my husband before he left for class, finally making it back out of the grocery store, barely surviving the mob of hungry people, dusk had already set at 7:30 and the chances of my run were gone.

I was actually disappointed.

So today, as I saw an un-planned opportunity to run, I took it immediately. I grabbed my iPhone and left the house. I noticed a few things as I ran:

  • I felt my calf muscles differently
  • My endurance wasn’t particularly a problem for another short beginner run. Thankfully all that Bixi-ing I’ve done in the last month has strengthened my endurance.
  • I got bored quickly by going back & forth down the sidewalk near my place, but I kept going down it because the sidewalk was smooth and free of debris.
  • I’m not gonna lie (don’t tell my mom!), as I was running I was wondering how updated all my shots were. Good thing to ask the doctor to check when I see her next.
  • The pads of my feet didn’t hurt this time.

All this to say, I’m encouraged. 1.7k is a far, far ways away from 42k that’s for sure. But it’s at least 1/5 of the way to a 5k.

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  • emorricee

    this is awesome! i love your motivation and follow through… not my strong suit for exercise. where are you running barefoot? isn’t every surface downtown covered in shards of glass?

    • Jess Versteeg

      Yes about the glass haha. I ran near my house and there was definitely glass on the side walk, hence why I was thinking about if my shots were updated. I just ran around it, though. I was only about 50% nervous about that.

      • emorrice

        I am VERY nervous about this.

  • Blackfoot Running

    You’re so brave! Gotta say that book is super inspirational though! However, I am gonna stick to my Lunaracers for now…but I give you a lot of props!!! 😀

  • steph

    why don’t you buy vibrams? not worth it to get cut by glass (or worse)

    • Jess Versteeg

      Good question. A lot of stuff I read said its smart to go for a few runs actually barefoot to get the hang of it before trying shoes like Vibrams. You feel more in bare feet which helps you adjust to the different style of running.

      • Sharon

        I don’t know… I’ve been running in my vibrams from day 1 (I always hated running until I got five fingers). It takes a habituation period whether you go barefoot or use the shoes, so I figure why not protect your feet even if you lose a bit of contact. Personally, I feel everything in my vibrams.

        • Jess Versteeg

          Yeah probably most important was that I wanted to try it before I bought shoes. I tend to get exited about things and then give up on them!