The day I declared on my blog that I was going to run a 10k

That was almost exactly year ago.

It didn’t take long for my good intentions to fall by the wayside again. Winter in Montreal makes running for free a challenge, and I was too cheap to pay for a gym membership thinking I’d never actually go. Which I was fairly confident would be true – I’d probably never have gone.

I had set a goal, I had developed a bit of a plan and I just didn’t follow-through, which is often the story of my life. The days went by and I was more and more filled with embarrassment and shame that I had made this public declaration of a totally achievable goal, this public declaration I made on purpose so that I would actually follow through or risk shame. I chose shame!

That’s ending with this blog. We don’t have the extra money for a gym membership this year. Which means that I’m doing things the free way. That’s half the problem for a lot of people, I think. Not having money to buy good shoes to start running can deter people from starting all together. Being embarrassed by what people think of their lazy-butt-turned-marathon-hopeful attempts at running (or maybe the books/magazines/blogs they read about running but no one ever hears about an actual run). These things prevent us from starting. Those things have prevented me in the past, but I want to work hard at not letting these things get in my way of getting what I want out of life.

When I first made the list, I think a lot of these goals were about being able to tell other people I’ve done them; they were about street-cred. Now, these goals are about me proving to me that I can apply myself, I can Tiger-mom myself into GTD (getting things done).

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