A little introduction

My name is Jess Versteeg. Well, sort of. I live in Quebec and the government here won’t let me take my husbands’ name legally. So I’m still technically Jess Wynja because Quebec doesn’t think my marriage will last long enough for them to go through the administrative work for me to fully become Jess Versteeg. You know, it kind of makes sense that Quebec would prefer cohabitation over marriage, since the province is really just cohabiting with the country. Quebec still hasn’t signed the Constitution because it likes the idea of the relationship (sort of) but not enough to fully commit.


My name is Jess Versteeg, legally Jessica Wynja. You can imagine the existential crisis I have every time I sign my name. Who am I right now? Am I the real me, or the old me that my government is forcing me to stay attached to against my will? I’m only being slightly dramatic. But actually.

I live in Montreal though I did not grow up in Montreal. I’ve been married for just over a year. I am not yet bilingual, but that’s coming quickly as I’m working in French. I married a fellow Ontarian just over a year ago and we plan to live in Quebec for a very long time/forever.

I really enjoy cooking and baking, writing. I have some pretty distinct ideas of how I want my life to turn out. Also, I’m pretty lazy, which is why the whole premise of this blog is necessary. I need a combination of determination and public shame/embarrassment to make these happen.

And so this blog is born. Saying goodbye to former blogs where I whined about my laziness, saying hello to the future.

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